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Specifically designed for the younger ages
  • Baby rooms

    slider_slide1_img1.pngOur baby unit was purpose built in 2014 and is specifically designed for the younger ages in the nursery.

    The two youngest baby rooms are under floor heated and carpeted to provide a warm, cosy homely environment for the youngest of our babies.

    The design of the furniture in these rooms is aimed specifically for these ages in mind and the layout encourages children to move and develop their physical skills.

    We work very closely with parents at this stage to fully understand the needs, likes, dislikes and personality of your baby.

    Once your deposit has been paid we offer free settling in sessions to ensure your child is comfortable in the environment.

    The babies have access to a range of resources that provide stimulating surroundings. Through indoor and outdoor activities our caring staff promote active exploration and work to develop physical, language and social skills.

    Our kitchen works very closely with the baby room staff to guarantee your child receives the correct dietary requirements.

  • In Baby 1 and Baby 2 the babies have access to all our resources and they can choose what they want to play with. We have a wide variety of natural objects and resources  to stimulate and promote active exploration. Practitioners also have various sensory activities  which the babies thoroughly enjoy. These activities can range from playing and exploring in rice crispies , squirty cream, Autumn leaves  or sensory bottles and stimulate children’s senses, promote and develop language skills, develops concentration and socialisation skills.

    In our Caterpillar and Dragonfly rooms the babies continue to provide a high level of service and parent partnerships are continually built in these rooms with the older babies having access to a wider range of toys to further their development and stimulate their learning. These rooms also have underfloor heating but have lino as children in here feed themselves which as you know can sometimes be a messy but rewarding learning curve!

    I love the warm, nurturing environment provided by the facilities and the staff – faultless!

    — Bunnies parent

    There are lots of  fun and messy play activities in these rooms also including sand, water , shaving foam, gluing and painting.  These two rooms also have a wide range of resources and practitioners  plan various craft and painting activities to further develop hand, eye co-ordination, fine and gross motor skills and encourage the children to express their individual personalities. Parents throughout these rooms are encouraged to share knowledge of their child’s interests at home which means that practitioners can incorporate the individuals likes into their day at nursery.

Why Stone Eden?
At Stone Eden Nursery School, you can be safe in the knowledge that your children are our number one priority. We guarantee:
  • Flexible childcare that meets your needs
  • High quality, safe facilities
  • Daily reports on individual achievement
  • Positive, comfortable learning environment
  • Freshly cooked meals on site every day
  • What a Beautiful day it’s been for plenty of fresh air practising our physical skills outside #freshair #outdoors
  • Little Blossoms have been exploring, playing and having fun indoors and outdoors #slide #cars #building towers #takingturns
  • Sweet Peas have had a busy week: Rainbow Salt Name Mark Making,
Water Play with the ducks and sharks to develop fine motor skills and some 
Autumn Yoga where we practised different animal moves
  • You don’t have to have some paper in the house clingfilm can be just as fun, as you can see Little Cherries had fun being creative this morning 🎨
  • Our Little Cherries have been busy clingfilm painting this morning or should I say painting themselves 🙈 you know what they say a messy child is a happy child and we had smiles all round this morning 😀
  • One happy face from drawing his loved ones 😍
  • This morning Emma set up a Farm messy play in Cherries. The children enjoyed exploring the different textures and animals, We talked about the different sounds the animals made and what we could see and feel on the farm #messyplayfun
  • Sweet Peas have enjoyed learning about the different emergency services🚨 that are here to help us and others in need. We spoke about what they do, what they wear and also how to contact them. The boys and girls then created a lovely picture of either the Police👮‍♂️ Firefighters 🔥 or  Doctors🥼🚑
  • Always learning even when they don’t realise 🖊