Why Stone Eden?

Why Stone Eden is a great choice
  • Why Stone Eden?

    10806423_708224595942874_3736824256460036874_nThere are other nursery chains and franchises out there – some are excellent and others seem more interested in rapid growth for a quick return than they do in maintaining good Ofsted reports.

    Stone Eden is different and a better choice franchise because:

    • We are only interested in growing our business with select franchisees that will offer the best education and care and maintain the best Ofsted reports.
    • We are a family business and want to grow steadily with the best partners for the most robust national network – we would rather take it slow so that everyone succeeds to develop both the best profits and the best standards.
    • So we offer franchisees excellent unrushed support so that they can both realise their business ambitions and develop the lifestyle they want within a system that also makes compliance, staff training and administration easier to manage.
    • We take education and care seriously; Parents and the local community recognise our high standards through our robust branding and considered approach – and they want that instead of the ‘cartoon’ image of many of our competitors.
    • Our business has always been based on sound commercial principles that provide the best education and care – good business is integral to our model, not just something that has evolved alongside it.
    • We have experience in running a smaller 36-place nursery and a large 180+ place nursery, so we can support franchisees, whatever their ambitions.
    • We have proven our business for more than 10 years through a company-owned pilot that has always demonstrated excellent financial returns.

    So, Stone Eden is an equally great choice for franchisees that want a smaller family-run business and for those that want to manage a larger unit or to grow to open a number of nurseries in their area.

    Why children and their parents love Stone Eden

    We have always quickly filled all the places we have available at Stone Eden because parents and children value our approach.

    Stone Eden offers more to parents and our community because:

    • We take education and care seriously, delivering the Early Years Foundation Stage framework in a safe, friendly and enjoyable environment that nurtures all the children we serve.
    • They feel confident in the service we offer because our image is more professional than other ‘cartoon‘ nurseries.
    • We can maintain our fees at reasonable rates that are commensurate with other providers in the area – even though we provide more for the money – because we operate efficiently and commercially (in ways we will teach you).
    • We also make it easy for parents to pay – whether funded privately, from separate contributions of each parent, by the government or in any mix of all three – because we operate with state of the art administration and software.
    • We are more flexible than other nurseries (because we can make that work commercially) so parents can choose when their children attend instead of sticking to a fixed slot. This is a boon to shift workers, including those in the police and NHS who have different childcare needs on different shifts.
    • We receive the highest Ofsted reports and maintain them through rigorous compliance, excellent recruitment and training, systems, individual development and teacher coaching by dedicated Teacher Advisors (all of which is available to franchisees).
    • We assess the needs of all children in our care regularly and one by one, which means that every child is nurtured in the specific ways they require and is not lost amongst their classmates.
    • We provide the facilities and specially trained staff to cater for children with disabilities and special educational needs.
    • Children are offered tasty healthy nutritionally-balanced meals and snacks throughout the day because we are unique in operating a professional kitchen and dedicated chef. We include this in our fees for all children so that everyone benefits and so that parents don’t need to provide packed lunches.
    • Our chefs also interact to teach children more about good food.
    • We run holiday clubs for school-aged children from 4 to 11 years old, (who may also have attended Stone Eden for pre-school or have siblings still in our care). Children love the daily excursions we organise to interesting local places and parents enjoy the convenience of managing holiday childcare in one place.
    • Their children love the experience that our fabulous nursery staff, well-equipped and designed class rooms and our play areas offer.

    So we stand out as a leading nursery and you will too!

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    Why Stone Eden?
    At Stone Eden Nursery School, you can be safe in the knowledge that your children are our number one priority. We guarantee:
    • Flexible childcare that meets your needs
    • High quality, safe facilities
    • Daily reports on individual achievement
    • Positive, comfortable learning environment
    • Freshly cooked meals on site every day