What is the Stone Eden franchise?

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Why Stone Eden?
At Stone Eden Nursery School, you can be safe in the knowledge that your children are our number one priority. We guarantee:
  • Flexible childcare that meets your needs
  • High quality, safe facilities
  • Daily reports on individual achievement
  • Positive, comfortable learning environment
  • Freshly cooked meals on site every day
  • Exploring in gloop was so much fun and very messy #textures #makingmarkstogether
  • Fun in the great outdoors 🌳 🚲 ⚽️
  • Little Blossoms have had a lovely day exploring indoors and outdoors with their friends #markmaking #babbling #takingturns
  • Dinner time Dave has been putting together some Goodie bags for the children today, compliments from Sellafield, also known as the “Well Project” donating to settings across Cumbria delivered by Pioneer Food. #pioneerfoods #pioneerfoodstore #sellafield @pioneerfoodstore
  • What a lovely Bank holiday breakfast treat we had this morning for continuing to come into work everyday as essential workers
  • The children enjoyed story time in Little Blossoms today 📔 The babies were very excited when Gill made the animal sounds #listeningskills
  • Usually at this time of year the Pre-school staff and children and working very hard to help transition your lovely children to their new Schools ready for September. However, with the current pandemic we are unable to take part in meetings which we have done so on previous years. Please see the picture attached which has some great ideas on how to help your child with transitioning whilst on lockdown. If you need any more activities or ideas on how to help them please do not hesitate to contact Shanice who will be more than happy to help.
  • Today we have been drawing around our hands and then have been using different coloured nail varnishes to paint our nails on the picture. We loved concentrating and developing our fine motor skills whilst doing so
  • Little Blossoms have enjoyed mark making alongside their friends. We asked each baby what they were drawing, some babies babbled back at us and some said mummy and daddy #beingcreative #concentration #pincergrip