Pre-school rooms

A wide range of learning experiences
  • Pre-school rooms

    12615333_930103437088321_4116369597507790850_oOur pre-school rooms give the children with a wide range of learning experiences that prepare them for the big step of starting school.

    We aim to ensure that your child is ready to start school by building upon independence and educational skills every day.

    The main skills we focus on with our children are:

    • Learning to write names.
    • Recognising numbers to 20.
    • Recognising the alphabet phonetically.
    • Social interaction with peers.
    • Mealtime Independence (Serving own food and pouring own drinks)
    • Putting on own coats and shoes.

    To ensure the highest standard of care and attention from our outstanding staff, our child ratios are 1 adult to 8 pre-school children.

    In pre-school we have an Interactive Smart Board that all the children access. They are given lots of different experiences on the board to help with their individual learning.

  • Children learn most of their skills through their own play. Purposeful play is an essential part of the learning process. Play is a powerful motivator, encouraging children to be creative and develop their ideas, understanding and language. Through play, children explore, apply and test out what they know, and learn when they feel confident and secure.

    The staff are great. My child is really embracing Pre School and is benefiting from the Practitioners fab ideas.

    — Pre-school parent
Why Stone Eden?
At Stone Eden Nursery School, you can be safe in the knowledge that your children are our number one priority. We guarantee:
  • Flexible childcare that meets your needs
  • High quality, safe facilities
  • Daily reports on individual achievement
  • Positive, comfortable learning environment
  • Freshly cooked meals on site every day
  • What a Beautiful day it’s been for plenty of fresh air practising our physical skills outside #freshair #outdoors
  • Little Blossoms have been exploring, playing and having fun indoors and outdoors #slide #cars #building towers #takingturns
  • Sweet Peas have had a busy week: Rainbow Salt Name Mark Making,
Water Play with the ducks and sharks to develop fine motor skills and some 
Autumn Yoga where we practised different animal moves
  • You don’t have to have some paper in the house clingfilm can be just as fun, as you can see Little Cherries had fun being creative this morning 🎨
  • Our Little Cherries have been busy clingfilm painting this morning or should I say painting themselves 🙈 you know what they say a messy child is a happy child and we had smiles all round this morning 😀
  • One happy face from drawing his loved ones 😍
  • This morning Emma set up a Farm messy play in Cherries. The children enjoyed exploring the different textures and animals, We talked about the different sounds the animals made and what we could see and feel on the farm #messyplayfun
  • Sweet Peas have enjoyed learning about the different emergency services🚨 that are here to help us and others in need. We spoke about what they do, what they wear and also how to contact them. The boys and girls then created a lovely picture of either the Police👮‍♂️ Firefighters 🔥 or  Doctors🥼🚑
  • Always learning even when they don’t realise 🖊